In the United States, we just hit the one year mark for lock down due to contagion of the COVID19. This virus quickly spread into a pandemic, forcing many people to work from home, school from home, avoid contact with people, and closed stores and restaurants. We had to isolate. It was shocking, terrifying, confusing and frustrating.

The adjustment from “is this really happening?” to trying to make it work for ourselves was and has been a struggle. That does not even include those who suffered on other levels like job loss, home loss and family loss. Those of us who were lucky and maintained our job, live with people we actually like and didn’t get sick, still had major accommodating to do.

I found an amazing video that really tells how it is to be isolated; during a pandemic, periods of work from home, even just living alone. It outlines typical issues we have run into and ways to work with what you got. This is simple, easy to understand and easy put into place.

I hope that you can take some of these suggestions for your own life. They are great ideas even after the isolation is over. We do better when our lives have good, healthy, easy to see and follow boundaries.

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