Here you can purchase several holistic aids that I find helpful with mental health. You can purchase online here, through an independent consultant link or in person at my office. Please email me with questions about these products.


Topical Melatonin spray. For restful sleep.

$25 per bottle (60 sprays, 30 days)      Small Buy Now Button

“When taken orally, melatonin has repeatedly been demonstrated to be one of the most effective and safest sleep aids on the market. What has been henceforth disregarded, however, are the many benefits of topical melatonin use. Recent research has demonstrated that melatonin is not only helpful in rejuvenating the skin, but also can even protect against skin aging, thanks to its strong antioxidant properties.”

Independent oil blends. I use high grade essential oil with fractionated coconut oil to create specialized blends for certain conditions that are common for many people: These come in 10ml roller bottles ready to use.

Oil blends:

  • Focus: for ADD/ADHD, calm the overactive mind and soothe nerves
  • Sleep: for calming mind and body for better sleep
  • Calm: For calming anxiety, worry and nervous energy.

Small Buy Now ButtonEach bottle is $15, comes in a 10 ml glass roller bottle. Shippingis $1.50 for each item. Please note which blend in your purchase.


There are spromo2everal oils that doTerra provides that work well with certain issues. You can order them directly from doTerra and they will ship them right to you!


  • InTune: “This blend helps those who have difficulty paying attention to stay on task and sustain focus. “
  • Balance: “promotes tranquility and a sense of balance”
  • Serenity: promotes restful sleep and calm mind


An holistic and organic approach to self care, no preservatives or additives here! i love the Tinctures, which you can add to any drink (or drop right on your tongue) for immediate impact. All of their products are amazing.

I can order anything you would like to try. I have my favorites listed below.

You can check them here:


Sleep Ease Tincture

  • 2 oz   $25     Small Buy Now Button
  • 4 oz   $35     Small Buy Now Button

ZenBlend Tincture

  • 2 fl oz   $25.00     Small Buy Now Button
  • 4 fl oz   $35.00     Small Buy Now Button

No More Aches (cream or slave stick): Great for headaches and tension!

  • No More Aches cream  1.7 oz  $25   Small Buy Now Button
  • No More Aches cream 4 oz    $40     Small Buy Now Button
  • No More Aches salve stick  $15        Small Buy Now Button

You can order these here from Paypal. I can also send you an order form for Taspen’s if you would like to order different items. The shipping is $1.50 for each item. You can also pick up at the office (email to make sure I have it in stock)Please email me for any questions or concerns.

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